European Expat Mortgages

European & Foreign National Expat Mortgages

As an expat or foreign national, your nationality, country of residence, income structure and worldwide assets will all be considered to determine the most appropriate lender for you.

If you work for a multinational company, you are off to a good start. Depending on your jurisdiction, some lenders will require you to have an internationally accredited accountant – particularly if you are self-employed – but most important of all is demonstrating your source of wealth. If you are an expat, options from mainstream lenders tend to be restricted. The lender will usually require you to rent out the property, unless a member of your family plans to live in it. As with foreign nationals, you will be required to prove your source of income

We have experience in securing property finance for clients from all over the world, both expat and foreign national. We work with a huge number of lenders who will lend to expats and foreign nationals for property purchases, and are skilled in sourcing the right one for your individual circumstances.
As well as arranging property finance, if you are moving foreign currency for your purchase, we can put you in touch with specialist tax advisors to ensure this process is efficient. We can also handle your foreign exchange (FX) requirements, giving you access to the most preferential market rates.

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